Thursday, 21 January 2016

Custom SIC One Punch Man phto gallery

Inspired by a friend who did a OPM out of the Vol 46 SIC figure, I thought ill give it a go too using the shin version base :D

The cape is those soft spectacles cleaning cloth, the head has to be resculpted using shins original screaming spare head but cut into mere stump to support the new opm head. His belt buckle is a replica as I cant remove the red from the original belt buckle. Did an alternative blur look head for him too. :) Enjoy the gallery!

Friday, 24 July 2015

Photo album - custom Kiwami Kamen Rider Nega Den O Wing Form

Just finished a new custom couple of weeks ago, finally have a wee bit of time to post it here :) enjoy the photos!

Couple of notes:
1) the purple red scheme on his wings are done with silver base. Then paint the purple side. Once dried, spray metallic silver on the red part then followed by a clear red spray layer.
2) the light blue designs are all handbrush painted. A pain in the @$$ but worth it.
3) I didn't kitbash the wings, they came from laser beak movie ver, I cut it up in half and used the wing half. The other half resembles a gun which I can use in my Kamen Rider Birth kiwami custom :)

Until the next time, cheerios!