Friday, 22 March 2013

WEll still not free enough to write about customs >_> so here's photos of the latest custom i made :D i dont even know if anyone is ereading this :x oh well bahahhaahha

Custom V1-S sniper variant ;D

 Bought a cheap $10 1/6 gun and then load it up with details, pieces of stuff i cut out from G4's body and stuff from his small gun and then more stuff from Zolda's gun and write some scrawlings all over it voila, you now have a futuristic sniper rifle ;p

 Open visor, measured the support wrongly when i was making the custom so he cant open his visor really wide ;p The visor itself are made from plastic sheets, a piee of wire and lotsa puttieessss, wanted transparent eyes for it but after several failed attempt to make that, i settled for puttied red eyes ;p

 yaay all my G customs :D gonna make a couple more before i am reaalllyy satisfied hehehehe..

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Well I have yet to have time to properly put all my thoughts in place to make meaningful posts, but the idea of this blog is to share with any budding SIC customisers what i have experienced on my course to make my own custom SICs,what I have learnt from on the job customs and what I learnt from friends and the internet. :) So in the meantime here are some photos of my customs first. Im still an amatuer in this, just started fiddling around with customs sometime in May 2012 and being at it since. Enjoy! :)