Monday, 5 August 2013

How to repair Gouten of Garo vol 4 equip & prop in 10 mins :)

Goddammit... well this is it, the end for this blog -_- without the ability to post pictures (not to mention paragraphing) i cant continue to post tutorials effectively. I have tested it with my sister's laptop and it works. Mine doesnt!! If anyone has any idea whats going on, please let me know :( ITS OFFICIAL, MY BLOG APPEARED TO BE ON PERMANENT ERROR SO I CANT POST ANYMORE :( I can't compose for some reason. I can only write in HTML format and thats it. Cant post photos cant do nothing. If anyone knows how to fix this pls msg or inform me ya. :( Otherwise i can't continue with this SIC tutorial blog. Thanks! My front left leg joint broken. I pulled out the other joint to see whats going on. The broken black piece in the leg is actually connected permanently to the black wheel left in the body. This means if you dont want to modify it, you will need to glue that black part back on the black wheel. But this wont solve the problem coz that black part in the leg are most likely to be stuck on the leg and can't turn. I decided to replace the joint then. I used a double joint to replace Gouten's original joint. First, pull out that black wheel out of the body using a small screwdriver. Glue that socket part of the joint into the body I used a double joint to replace the joint. Use a hairdryer heat up the joint and the leg black part and then stuff the joint onto the leg. You should actually cut that black piece thats sticking out of the leg to give the joint more movement but i didnt do that yet. You can do it if you choose to but that black plastic on the leg is really tough. You will get a Gouten again, the leg retains its mobility but over time when the friction between the ball joint and the black piece in the leg of the leg become lower, the leg will be loose. the best way is to use putty to stuff the ball joint into the black piece part of the leg. I didnt do that yet coz i am trying to figure out a better way to fix this guy.