Friday, 24 July 2015

Photo album - custom Kiwami Kamen Rider Nega Den O Wing Form

Just finished a new custom couple of weeks ago, finally have a wee bit of time to post it here :) enjoy the photos!

Couple of notes:
1) the purple red scheme on his wings are done with silver base. Then paint the purple side. Once dried, spray metallic silver on the red part then followed by a clear red spray layer.
2) the light blue designs are all handbrush painted. A pain in the @$$ but worth it.
3) I didn't kitbash the wings, they came from laser beak movie ver, I cut it up in half and used the wing half. The other half resembles a gun which I can use in my Kamen Rider Birth kiwami custom :)

Until the next time, cheerios!



Saturday, 23 May 2015

Photos of Female Devil Hibiki - Shebiki!

Used a Marvel She Hulk to make this :)

It wasn't hard making her but it took me a long time to decide on her color scheme. I initially wanted to make her flesh color but that would be quite revealing plus repainting her joints to other color could be impossible due to the plastic material. So I decided to go for devil red scheme which suits her well I think. I also have to duplicate a sword for her as the real sword was pure die cast and too heavy for her to carry.

The shoulder pads are connected to the body via rubber I cut from my kid's broken swimming google ;p

The waist sash came from The Next knock off box set. Those thorns all around her body came from cut off pieces from kuuga armor I had lying around.


Stuff I have been doing :) custom female kuuga slim edition

My apologies, of late I have been so overwhelmed with work I have not being updating my site for a few months now. I still don't have time to pen down some more tutorials though :( in the meantime I'll like to leave you with some stuff I have been doing in the last few months during snatches of time I can get off my work ;p

One of them was to chAng the fat ass female kuuga into model shape female kuuga ;p I have also made her more poseable by cutting off some blocking edges and changing her joints.