Thursday, 24 October 2013

Custom Makai Priest Rekka :D

ehh??? i can post again?!?!?! OMG!!!!! LONG LIVE MY BLOG!!!


  1. Share with us the ingredients..

    1. Hi man basically i used a dc 6inch figure of the girl who emulates joker (seriously my mind is too tired from work cant remember her name ;p) and then i used kuuga's coat and arms. Cut off jokergirl's arms and replace them with kuuga's. Drap kuuga's coat ofer jokergirl's body. Change jokergirl's costume into rekka's style with some wires and putty. Cut off jokergirl's pigtails and use one of those pigtails to make rekka's ponytail. Add more details on her such as her pendants, jewelry on the coat and belts on the body with putty. Repaint the whole thing voila done :) her weapons are sculpted using putty, wires and small chains. Cut jokergirl's stiletto into high heels. And thats about it :)

    2. Oops forgot to add, her gladiator skirt are made of leather i cut off some bag ;p