Monday, 24 March 2014

Tutorial - fast way to make SIC Banki's double guitar blade weapon :)

All right this is a very short tutorial just in case you are interested to make your own double guitar blade weapon similar to Banki's. Its not EXACTLY the same mind you but its close plus its real easy :)

First you need 2 zanki's guitars and a random chinese weapon you can buy from novelty, game or toy shops. I bought this blade below for SGD2 which is a fine deal for a full diecast blade.

Next remove one of the wings from each guitars like the photo below. You can just slot a blade below the surface of the guitar and cut away the joint connecting the wings to the guitar body. The joint itself is made of resin and hence easy to cut off. Slot the blade on the guitar like the photo below.

Recolor the whole thing into a metallic yellow color scheme like the photo below. Bear in mind not to glue or putty in the guitars and blade yet at this point.

Now to create some simple details on the guitars such as adding the putty details below:

These details are formed using tamiya quick putty which is softer when hardened compared to hardware putty. You can easily cut and form designs on them with your blade such as the cog wheel below.

Cut the aforementioned cog wheel into the design below on your guitar and blade:

Before you glue it in, paint it with super metallic silver paint. I use Mr Color paint for this.

Now use putty to extend the curve of the side of guitar like so:
This is actually a hard step to do since the guitar wings are made with metal and hence you can't drill it to add in wire support for the extension curve. Sand the wing to allow some very slight friction. Patiently form the putty around the 'tail' of the guitar wing to let the putty support itself on the metal wing.

Drill a couple of holes on the extended curve as details. On hindsight I should have remove the metal wing entirely and remade a full putty wing with an extended curve with wire support underneath the putty. This way you can properly form the putty extended curve without fear that it will break off from the metal wing.

Use putty to connect the 2 guitars and the blade together. Once the putty dried, use super glue to further compound the connection. Paint the edges of the guitar with metallic silver to cover the glue and putty.

I also added a small puttysculpt and glue it in between the guita to hide the large gap between the guitars. See photo below:

And there you have it, your own Banki double guitar blade weapon :D

There are many alternatives and combination to make a guitar weapon. You can use different types of swords to connect with the guitar.

Or you can simply go crazy with the guitar weapon thingie like so:

And thats it for now ;) see you guys next time. As usual, appreciate any comments on my tutorials and if you have any questions feel free to ask ;)


  1. Great tutorial on customizing! Keep it going!

    Would increase play-ability if the 2 guitar can be detached & form through some mechanics. Anyway, it looks great!

    1. Yea this was a very early custom done more than a year ago. If I were to redo it now, I will be using some joint system to allow detachability of the guitars for sure ;)