Monday, 4 August 2014

My custom SHF (sacriledge!!) Kamen Rider G ...G for love!


This particular post is special for it marks the first ever SHF custom I ever made and it is waaaayyy against my principle of never touching an SHFs again! However, recent events have forced my hands and when the need arise, I guess my principles be damned -_-"

ANYWAY, this is a very simple post about this SHF custom I made only just last week on a commission basis. A friend of mine, Ian Cheng, has been asking me for a while to make a custom SHF Kamen Rider G, the rider of wine and love (really he's powered by wine and his focus is love ;p). I have dodged him for quite a while but I can't dodge no more so I spent 1.5 weeks doing this custom using a SHF Agito Ground form that Ian helpfully provide as well.

For thos who doesn't know who the heck this is, here is his show:

He's quite manly i feel compared to all the recent kiddie riders.

Anyway, this is the base body i used:

Invovled a lot of cutting up on the figure, those hard plastic areas are especially hard to cut, I have to use a saw ;p

Im gonna make this short since all the techniques I used to make this guy is already stated in all my previous customs. In short, I used a lot of putty sculpts, a lot of layering work and....

VOILA Kamen Rider G! You will notice I created his weapon too with a metal wire frame, putty sculpt and plastic sheets reinforced.

The painting took 2 days to finish luckily most of him is gloss black which makes things a lot easier.

Finally done: Kamen Rider G SHF version! Please enjoy the badly taken photos :)

A comparison of original base agito body and the final G custom.


  1. hi bro,
    Been MIA for a while, nice custom you've done on SHF!!! My favorite line.
    To be frank i had no idea on this figure until i google it lol.

  2. hey man :D nice to know you're back haha Well i dont prefer doing shf customs but these days ive been getting commission to make shf customs and hardly any SICs :( so no choice haha gonna publish another shf i just did now :)