Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Custom SIC W Cyclone

Custom SIC W Cyclone

One of the main reason for me to learn customs was to save money and the best way doing customs can make that happen is to do a custom that is very easy, simple and cost effective. Meaning a custom of a rider/form of rider that is very similar to another normal version SIC.

Case in point SIC Cyclone from the Double series

When I saw that SIC will be releasing a SIC Cyclone limited version, I finally found a use for my spare Cyclone Joker body (I made so many customs CJXs [CJX, CJX gold, CAX and even a JJX ;p) I have a spare CJ at the end of the day haha ;p). You can find how to custom the extreme forms as well as making a fake body from the CJ box set to save money here:
I have also included some close up photos of JJX custom below in case anybody interested to make that non canon version hahaha

You can do this two ways: Simple repaint or repaint plus some very slight resculpt.

For my case I did a simple repaint but I'll share with you the resculpt bit if you choose to do it youself.

For the repaint, the challenging part is to get the right bright shiny green of Cyclone's.

After a few experiments, I find the following colors best for this repaint (always remember to sand the surface you going to repaint first):

1st layer : Metallic Silver
2nd Layer: Super Metallic Green
3rd and 4th layer : Clear Green
Always allow each layer of paint to dry first before adding the next.

For the gold parts, I mixed Gold color and a little Clear Orange color to get the shine. The black is just Matt Black color.

The result would be as follows:

There are suppose to be some bright lines along his body if you look at that magazine photo but I didnt add that in yet, not until i get a clearer photo of them to determine the right color to use. The scarf looks darker and a little gold-ish/brown-ish, cant really see clearly. Again will need to see clearer photos to be released by Bandai before i can complete this.

Now comes the part where you may want to do some resculpt. I am talking about the leg and arm rings right next to the legs and hands as well as that gold design on his right chest. The design should now be Cyclone's and not Joker's so its not those swirly lines but more like fence-like lines.

For the leg and arm rings, if you have a spare Cyclone rings, you can replace them easily. The chest part you will need to resculpt. You will need to cut the lines out, add epoxy putty and then shape them into fence-like designs before you recolor them.

All in all, its incredibly easy especially now that I provided you the exact color to use to make that shiny bright green. Its not perfect coz the cyclone part has some very slight grey shadings. If you have an airbrush you can do those very easily using Iron or Grey color paint. For me, Im fine as it is... more importantly, I dont use airbrush ;p Its not healthy for my kids.

Hope you enjoy this very simple tutorial! :)

And here's some closeups on JokerJoker Gold Extreme! ;D

And here's my entire CJ family (minus CJX itself which is still in KL) XD I also bought a custom CAX sword for my CAX and another spare wing for my CJX Gold from Taobao :D This photo was taken before i custom Cyclone. I have since took these guys apart and stored all of them (except for Cyclone) into one single CJ box, its incredible how many of these guys you can stuff into the CJ box if you take them apart bahahah!!


  1. may i know, what kind of paint do you use for the green on w? mr hobby? air brush? thanks..

    1. Hi man, really sorry for the late reply. I didnt check my mails very often these days :) i uses mr hobby colors and paint brush them instead of airbrush as i have yet to learn how to airbrush :) use thin multiple layers of paint to obtain smooth results :)