Wednesday, 31 July 2013

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Custom S.I.C Kamen Rider Caucasus

Yes its that blue rose totting wierd guy's turn. His only appearance was in Kabuto movie God Speed Love as the main protagonist. Frankly speaking i dont like Caucasus, his existence has no meaning other than loving blue roses and perfection which has nothing to do with his purpose of causing a meteor impact on earth that will mutate the Worms :/ I could be wrong since I never watch any kabuto series and i speed watch the God Speed Love movie ;p But you cant deny his nice design as a rider that lovely yellowwwww..

Still that didnt encourage me to make one since I saw in Hong Kong, SPC shop was selling Caucasus, Ketaros and another guy (can't remember his name) at a reasonable price (At that time i have already ran out of luggage space buying all other stuff and decided to skip these riders, not to mention the SPC sculpt seemed off)

Then, a friend of mine challenged me that I cant make a custom Caucasus in a week's time. And so being a sporting guy, I took the challenge but promise i wont work more than 1 hour per night on it. I can't anyway due to my actual work commitment and the fact that putty needs to be dried ;p

I did managed to finish it in 1 week's time and came up with a better way to connect the giant shoulder pad to his body thanks to a suggestion from another customiser, Miko Matsing :D

So lets get to the tutorial as usual :D

First off, I need a base body and the best i felt to be used is Kabuto itself. This might seemed wasteful so you might try using a Dark Kabuto body instead. But I like Kabuto's more intricate chest piece design.

Then, I know the most time consuming part would be the giant shoulder so i went about thinking how to make one. I decided to use plastic sheets as their base and then layer the sheets with putty to add designs. I also used plastic sheets for his moustache as well.

The one thing I don't like about existing custom versions of Caucasus is that their gigantic shoulder pads are stuck to their shoulders and hence limiting upward and sideways movement for the arm. Then a friend of mine suggested to use a double joint system for the gigantic shoulder pad and connect the joint to the body. And thats what i did :D I used the following joint for this purpose.


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