Sunday, 10 November 2013

Custom Neo Zecter Mobile Weapon Platform!!!

A friend of mine did a custom Neo Zecter Ant Weapon and I was fascinated with it. So I took my own spare parts and clumped one myself:
After I tested the design with blue tags i found that i have created a ... cockroach!!! I HATE COCKROACHES!!!

Luckily a fren helpfully pointed out i missed the middle torso for an ant body ;p I finally realised whats wrong with my cockroach. i mean my neo zecter weapon ;p

So I took some parts and meddle and mix it and came up with something else :D

What I did above was i took Zectrooper machine gun and inverted his position on the shield to make it like the cockr... i mean bug has a machine gun sprouting from his arse ;p.

The legs came from parts of a Macfarlane Interlink robot (see photo below). Same goes for the machine gun lower cover (not in pic above but you can see it in later photos below) and those wires.

I used double ball joints bought from as connectors between the bug head to the torso and the torso to the arse/shield. I actually did something very wrong here. I glued the ball joint to the head and the arse. I should have glue the socket joint to the head and ball joint to the arse so sthat they can still be reconnected as a weapon for neo zectrooper. Darn but whats done is done. I could repair it but dont see a point since i wont display it together with neo zectrooper. Anyway i cover all the putty and secure them with putty and painted them all black and iron colors.

And the result came out much satisfying thant the previous cockroach lookalike:

Then a friend suggested me to add wings on it which was a great idea. So I added kabuto's wings and add it on with blue tag to test it . The result was even better than i liked :D

I also made a small stand for it using some gashapon stand i have.

The final product was done using a replicated kabuto wings as I dont have enough original kabuto wings to make it. I used oyumaru resin to make a mold with the original wings and 5 minute epoxy to make the replica wings. I glued in the replica wings and added some thorns on his torso voila done :)

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