Wednesday, 6 November 2013

S.I.C Kamen Rider Caucasus Custom tutorial part 1

Custom S.I.C Kamen Rider Caucasus


Yes its that blue rose totting wierd guy's turn. His only appearance was in Kabuto movie God Speed Love as the main protagonist. Frankly speaking i dont like Caucasus, his existence has no meaning other than loving blue roses and perfection which has nothing to do with his purpose of causing a meteor impact on earth that will mutate the Worms :/ I could be wrong since I never watch any kabuto series and i speed watch the God Speed Love movie ;p But you cant deny his nice design as a rider that lovely yellowwwww..


Still that didnt encourage me to make one since I saw in Hong Kong, SPC shop was selling Caucasus, Ketaros and another guy (can't remember his name) at a reasonable price (At that time i have already ran out of luggage space buying all other stuff and decided to skip these riders, not to mention the SPC sculpt seemed off and wierd)


Then, a friend of mine challenged me that I cant make a custom Caucasus in a week's time. And so being a sporting guy, I took the challenge but promise i wont work more than 1 hour per night on it. I can't anyway due to my actual work commitment and the fact that putty needs to be dried ;p


I did managed to finish it in 1 week's time and came up with a better way to connect the giant shoulder pad to his body thanks to a suggestion from another customiser, Miko Matsing :D


So lets get to the tutorial as usual :D


First off, I need a base body and the best i felt to be used is Kabuto itself. This might seemed wasteful so you might try using a Dark Kabuto body instead. But I like Kabuto's more intricate chest piece design.



Then, I know the most time consuming part would be the giant shoulder so i went about thinking how to make one. I decided to use plastic sheets as their base and then layer the sheets with putty to add designs. I also used plastic sheets for his moustache as well.



The one thing I don't like about existing custom versions of Caucasus is that their gigantic shoulder pads are stuck to their shoulders and hence limiting upward and sideways movement for the arm. Then a friend of mine suggested to use a double joint system for the gigantic shoulder pad and connect the joint to the body. And thats what i did :D I used the following joint for this purpose.


These joints have become increasingly useful to me as time past as a joint to replace even SIC broken joints or use as a replacement joints for Garo etc etc sometimes they become joints to held things together such as weapons to SIC bodies or weapons with weapons :)

Anyway, I used a small joint from the set and glue one of the sockets to the chest armor's shoulder and layer it with putty designs. I also layer the joint itself with putty so i can put some micro designs on it.

I then glue the other socket joint to hte giant shoulder pad. But im getting ahead of myself. Lets talk about the giant shoulder pad construction first. 

For the giant shoulder pad you can already see from the photo above that the base are 3 plastic sheets; 2 sides and 1 top platforms. I then layer each of these with putty as a first layer. The 3 platforms are attached together with a block of resin I took from a gundam model as a base. I also putty up the 2 whiskers (the foundation are also plastic sheets) on his face. see photo below:

The putty on the giant shoulder pad is only the first layer. I add more layers on it with additional plastic sheets. These plastic sheets i cut them to create designs. 2 layers of plastic sheets were added each with some designs. The last part was to use putty to cover up those ugly indents created by 2 layers of plastic sheets plus more designs on the giant shoulder pads. And then we are done. Attach the giant shoulder pad socket wit hthe ball joints to the socket on the chest and you get Caucasus' shoudler pad. Fully poseable with 360 degree movement and removeable too ;)

Now the head needs a few layering of putties to do it due to its intricate designs. The whiskers were easy with one layer of putty on the plastic sheet to set the foundation and another layer of putty this time shaped with sharp edges as seen above. I cut grooves on the whiskers and added some wirings design on it. See photo above.

The small horn jutting out from his inner shoulder pad was made using 2 small plastic sheets glued together as a foundation and then layer it with putty sculpt.

For the head, first thing to do is  to cut away some of kabuto's original designs on that moveable horn attached to his head. Once you have done that you can start adding details to his mouth piece. There is a few layer of putties there and you need to sculpt each one and let them dry before you add the next to allow the details to be sharp and edgy, see the first layer in the photo below:
At the end you will get something like this:
I also cut lines onto that middle horn of his but regretted doing that now. It would have been much better if i have removed the entire horn and use putty to sculpt it. That way the lines wont come off as not even :( oh well live and learn


ps: checking grammar is for pussies! so forgive me T_T


  1. Stumbled upon your blog from LYN. I'm really impressed with the mods that you're doing as I've just started collecting S.I.C figures. I'm thinking of getting SPC modded bikes but some of the things I've heard about their durability is making me hesitate. As you've got an SPC bike or two, would you recommend an SPC to a noob collector or would I need to have some modding skills to be able to maintain those SPC bikes?

  2. Hi man thanks for reading my blog.

    Err i actually dont have any SPC bikes at all ;p ill love to get one especially stronger's bike or kiva's bike but have not has a chance to own one :(

    Its true what they say abt SPC bikes theyre extremely fragile especially te decader. Never let it fall or something will break! Never do shipping! However i understand not all spc bikes have this problem. The hyper kabuto bike and d w bike dont have this problem (altho they are alsp made of the same flimsy resin).

    If u wanna get a spc bike n shipped to u the best way to decide which to get with minimal rish is to look at the bike structure; i.e. are there parys that s easily scratched or breakable upon shipping? The best is still for you to bisit the spc shop at richmond plaza mongkok urself and bring it back ;)

    Hope this helps!

    1. Thanks for replying. It's fun to read all your mods. I saw some being sold on Taobao but I'm just a bit wary of the build quality. I am currently awaiting the shipment of my SPC battle hopper. Found it on Rakuten. My friend and I who have just got into this hobby recently have been aggressively scouring the corners of the internet to find the SPC bikes. :P I just saw your earlier post and realised that Kabuto bike was your own mod and not bought from SPC. Do take more pics and share the process :D

    2. hi again man :) Well hope you dont mind all the grammatical errors ;p

      those sold on Taobao is actually from SPC shop itself. I have visited SPC shop last year when i was in Hong Kong and bought 2 of those hibiki custom figures. SPC reproduced the entire figure using their own materials. The sculpts are great. However, they use a fragile kind of resin that makes it scary to move their joints about. The rubber they used in the joints are also fragile and very likely will erode over the next few years into nothingness ;p I already broke one of the joints holding one of my hibiki custom i bought ;p Only the W body base they sell are from better materials. The rest better be careful with them if you buy them.

      As for SPC bikes, can i know where are you from? If you are from Malaysia i know a fella who helps people secure SPC bikes like that hyper kabuto bike :) Best is visit SPC shop in HK by yourself. If you do, you must provide SPC shop about 2 - 3 days to produce the bike for you, usually he doesnt have ready stock on hand.

      As for my custom Hyper Kabuto bike, I am slowly building it, hita lot of road bumps and kept getting diverted hahaha so expect it to only be completed early next year ;p I will definitely post tutorial to make it :) Thats the whole purpose of this blog anyway, to teach any beginner customisers to stand on their feet ;)

  3. I don't mind it at all. I am from Malaysia but I'm currently in Perth. My Stronger and Tackle set arrived today. Saw the neck mod for Stronger but I'm afraid to attempt it as I'm kinda clumsy with my fingers. I accidentally broke the elbow joint my my ZX today as I was trying to pose him. Super glued it back but it's off by a few mm -.-"

    I'd be glad to see ya bike mod. Really interested in those and curious as to what bike models do you guys use as base. After what happened today I am hesitating about getting SPC bikes since I'm quite clumsy and I'm pretty sure I might accidentally break it if its build quality is not as good as SIC ones.

    1. arrgh! sorry didnt realised you posted until now D:

      I cant remember about the neck mode except irecall you gotta cut a bitof the neck to allow better head movement. It should be quite harmless to try it out :)

      ZX joint can be broken by posing? I didnt know ZX is fragile?

      As for custom SIC bikes, I have not actually completed one yet ;p I did halfway a trygouram, halfway gyroattacker and now a halfway hyper kabutolaw hahahaha but i promise i will finish at least one of them early next year ;p