Friday, 21 June 2013

Custom Kamen Rider Taiga Survive Part 2!!

So! If you have followed Part 1, I'll just continue right off where we stopped the last time. the BODY.

We are almost done with all the glueing and positioining of all the loose bits except for 2 parts: (1) his axe and (2) his tiger toes.

For the Axe, I wanted it to be a Double Axe. Its a lot better than beautifying Taiga's axe with more designs. Double Axe will improve his weight and size, making it a more formidable weapon. But problem with this is, you will have to sacrifice 2 Taiga's axe to make one. I was ok with that as you can see from the photo above, I have 3 zolda taiga sets and I planned to use one of the extra Taiga to make another Ryuki custom anyway, so off with the head... of the axe ;p

First I cut off that horn from the axe and glue it on the top of the axe instead. This will give giveme the surface to connect the other axe onto the pole. See pic below. I also add some putty on the top around the horn to make the connection to be more smooth.

It took a lot of prying, cutting, and wrenching to get the Axe itself off the pole, tough and scary work. I used an Olfa blade. It looks like a normal blade but the blade edge itself are very very sharp compared to normal  blades. I was scared to death i might cut off my finger or something (half a year later I nearly cut off a large piece of my thumb while cutting stuff D: luckily it was ok, left a long scar on my thumb though). So be very careful when cutting stuff!! I also added a pair of teeth on the top of the side where i glue in the extra axe piece in it to form another gaping tiger head. You can see them in the photos I inserted further below. I then glue the extra axe onto the main pole and after the glue dries i added putty among the gaps to strengthen the glued double axe.

Now here's a funny thing i did that you dont need to follow provided you have an extra Garo grabbing hands. I didnt have one, I only have a fist. So I drilled a hole in Garo's fist to hold the Double Axe. Turns out this may not be a bad idea (although my driling was quite bad as i drilled off one of his fingers ;p) as the Double Axe is extremely heavy and this drilled fist grabs it very well.


I wanted him more feral so I saved those ppuny claws i cut off Taiga's shoulder to act as his paws. I glue these claws on Taiga's feet and then use putty to shore up the gaps.

By now I have made all the necessary connections, glueing and stuff , its time to looking into puttying in the design for Taiga Survive :)

So First thing I did was to add putty slabs on the gaps between the Giant Claws and the shoulders and started addind slaps of putty on the lion's head to form parts of the shapes of the head. See pic below. The putty i laid below was the first layer of putty i did before i let it dry the first round. For the lion's mane, I sculpted the lowest mane first and let it dry (see pic below). It needs to dry first before i add the second length of mane so that it wont mess up the first length of mane i put on the chest piece.

Again I use my fingers and toothpicks to form the shapes needed. The lion's eyebrows was made by rolling a long row of putty and sticking it on. The lion's mane was done by forming a tall pyramid like shape putty and then laying it on the chest piece. The sharp angle of the mane was done by repeated smoothing of the putty using my fingers.

I repeated my process of forming pyramid like putty shapes and adding it on to the chest piece to form the lion's mane. Each time i added a new length of mane on him i let it dry before i add on the next and finally you will get something like the photo below:
I also start working on the shoulder piece. Hmm this is hard to explain as I don;t know how to describe the shape i made across his shoulders. Basically I made a thin "wall" of putty that stretch from the front of his shoulder to his back, see pic below. Once they dried, I added "buttresses" along the "wall" to form a design that looks like the "buttresses" stretches to he giant claws. Anyway see the photo below ;p I added a tiny edge on the top back of his chest armor piece. I am really bad at describing this ;p

Once the lion mane dries, I add slabs of putty on all he surface of the rubber lion to form a putty lion head on top of it. I didnt cover the eyes though. See pic below:

I almost forgot: I dont have survive leg pieces, so I used a normal Taiga lower legs and added tiny pyutty lines along the upper halve of the lower legs to form an almost similar pair of survive legs.

Now we are alldone with the sculpt and ready to paint it :D

Sand everything!

Paint a layer of white over everything. Let it dry and followed by 2 more layer of whites to make sure its pure white throughout. Then ad in the gold colors in the relevant places and then do linings. I wont go into the details as you can see the color schemes in the completed Taiga Survie (Leo) below ;) Enjoy the pics:

Im actually surprised he can hold the Double Axe up. I believed this is thanks to the clawed feet, and the drilled fist.

For a very short time i actually thought it may be a good idea to put the lion face on his head! ;p

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