Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Custom Super Shinkenger Red Part 1
NOT a kamen rider custom ;p he's red white and golden and carries a puny sword; Super Shinkenger Red!!

I've for the longest time wanted to create a custom that involves some coat or jacket but i couldnt find a rider that matches that description. That is until i realised i dont need to restrict my customs to riders alone! And I realised Super Shinkenger red fit the bill nicely. I saved a Garo Kouga coat sometime ago just for this purpose and now i can use it :D

As usual the devision on which body base to use was simple, just use a Hibiki type body base :D Its muscular with removable armor to make him even  thinner to allow sculpting or fitting in jackets and ihs arms and legs are very modular.

Now there are several work streams in finishing this guy:
A) Custom his head
B) Custom his coat
C) Custom his main body and belt
D) Custom his legs
E) Custom sword

I'll go through each of these work streams one by one :)


We'll do the head first. First off, you cant use any of the hibiki's upper head. You will need to mold the whole upper head and face yourself. First take a hibiki lower head and lump putty on it. Shape the putty into a rounded bald head. Wait for it to dry first or else it will be hard to manipulate additional putty to form shapes. Once its dried, add more putty to form a v-shaped mask like on the photo below. Add a small layer of putty to form his chin.

Next you will need to draw some lines to mark where you want to add putties for the kanji sculpt. See pic below. I then add a small layer of putty over those marked out area, again see pic below. This layer will be a foundation to hold your next putty layer better for your to form better shapes without the putty slipping off or get pushed out of position.

Now you can use putty to form a more prominent and angular chin as well as a visor. See pic below. Once its dried, use sandpaper to sand the visor and chin to make them smoother and the visor sharper.

 Next comes the interesting part :) Sculpt out the main kanji like the pic below. I chosed to make it very prominent and protruding since this is a SIC after all. This decision however would later make his head kinda awkward :p do read on to find out why haha. I would like to add that once I shaped the kanji, i let it dry for an hour or so before i cut faint linings on it with my blade. This will later make it easier for me to etch out the line shapes after its dried. I also added ear muffs on him to add to the details. Cant see in the pics coz i forgot to take photo of it, but you will be able to see them in later photos :)

The head is almost done. Once its dried, use a hobby knife to cut edges on the linings. I also cut designs on the visor. Once this is done, sand it and then spray it with a primer coat.

Now its a matter of coloring it. Here's what i did.
1) I first use a white marker to color the linings on the kanji and the neck.
2) I then color the rest of the head with a metallic red.
3) I used a small brush to color the linings on the kanji with super metallic silver.
4) After all that dries, i paint black on the kanji and avoided painting on the linings.
5) After the metallic red dries, i paint a coat of clear red over it. This really brings out the shine on the red colors.
6) I then repaint pure white over the linings on the kanji to bring it out.
7) Lastly I do black pen linings on the chin part and the ear muffs.


Now his coat has 2 problems, one is that his collar needs to be facing up and not folded down. Second, he needs a giant shinkenger emblem on his back. I am using a Garo Kouga coat to custom this.

Its not really hard actually. First you have to cut Kouga's coat into half from the waist. Next cut his lower portion into the shape like the pic below to resemble Shinkenger's robe.

For his collar, I cut the front parts but not entirely so that i can reshape it. I then fold the cut up collar upwards and then glue them in, see pic below. I also cut out those Garo designs on his upper chest part and then hide the remaining details with putty. I also put putty on the cracks that results from me cutting, pushing and glueing the collar upwards to make it into a smoother collar. Once this is done, I sand the coat and then spray a layer of primer on the entire coat and let it dry.

For the emblem on his back, I used plastic sheets to form the design first. See pic below.

I then cut a bigger plastic sheet in the form of the emblem as its foundation. I stick the larger piece on the back of Kouga's coat first.
I then cut up the smaller plastic emblem by cutting out their individual shapes and then glue each of these shapes with a tiny gap between them on the larger plastic sheet that I have already glued to the coat. This gives the emblem a 3D effect once you are done. See pic below. Remember the pieces I mentioned that I cut from the bottom half of the coat to make it resembles Shinkenger's coat? These pieces I shape them into a flying shoulder pads and glue them on the Kouga's coat's shoulders, see pic below.

I then color the larger plastic sheet in black and the smaller pieces i glued onto the larger pieces in super metallic yellow. See pic below. You will also noticed for the collar, I have add on a thin putty lining on the edge of the collar to gives it more details. I then color all the lines on the coat in super metallic yellow. The rest of the coat I cover it with a thin layer of white.

Now that the changes on the coat are done, I glue the lower half of the coat to hibiki's belt. Before i do this, I put a layer of putty on hibiki's belt to expand it so that Kouga's coat will look more flared out when I glue it in. The top half I slide it on to hibiki's body and thats it. See pic below for where the coat should go before i glue them in.

TO BE CONTINUED! this tutorial's getting too long ;p

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