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Custom Super Shinkenger Red Part 2!

All right, I can't find the missing piece i sculpted T_T might have dropped on the floor, swept up and thrown so i resculpted them zzz. Took longer than i budgetted but finally here's the second part :D

This tutorial is longer as after writing a few tutorials I understand when i need to take photos during my customs so I can show everyone what I was talking about, hence the longer tutorial. This is so that if you guys just started doing custom will know some of the ways to go about it from the tutorial (hopefully ;p).

Now the body is not a problem at all. You just need to add putty to form some shapes in front of his chest. The more complicated part is his belt.

Lets look at the body first. First thing to do is to remove the armor on ibuki's back. You dont need that. Retain the front chest armor. Cut the sides off his chest armor. this is to allow Kouga's coat to slide in easier later and to show that shinkenger has some nice slim waist (not girlish but slim) and doesnt make him look fat when he puts on the coat.

Now, to add in the putty. First, there will be areas on the chest armor where there are holes (toallow ibuki's diecast armor parts to slide in). I filled these parts up with putty and sculpt them as part of the chest, see pic below, the white part on the right chest. I then add a white stripe across his chest as part of shinkenger's cest design such as below. I then add another white line to form a "y" on his chest. I carve lines on the stripes to form designs. See pics below.

Now for the belt.
First remove all the hibiki belt buckles and logo. Add a layer of putty over that part first and let it dry to form a foundation for your second layer.

Cut up a round piece of plastic as a support for shinkenger's logo. Cut another round piece of plastic but this time cut a shape like a "volcano" design in the middle to form shinkenger's logo shape. Cut a smaller piece of round plastic to form the "sun" design that is suppose to be behind the "volcano" design. To add more 3D-ness on the logo, i also cut another smaller ppiece of round plastic to make the "sun" design bulge out more. Now, do the following steps:
1) glue the 2 pieces of "sun" design together.
2) glue these sun pieces right behind the "volcano" design.
3) glue the whole thing onto the main round piece of plastic.
4) finally, glue the whole design onto the middle of the belt.
Unfortunately i glued the logo a bit lopsided and had to shave the "volcano" thinner on one side ;p
I also added some bolts design on the side of the belt and some "clasps" at the side of the logo.

There is also suppose to be a small pouch on shinkenger's belt. This whole piece i shape it out using putty and some plastic bits. First, I shape a square box shape as he main body of the pouch. I then cut two tiny pieces of plastics and stick it on the smaller surface on top of the main square box design. I then form a piece of flat putty and let it dry for an hour to make it easier to manipulate. I cut the flat putty piece into a piece like the flap of a pouch and then place it right on top of the plastic pieces and fold it on to the square putty piece like a pouch's opening. I add a tiny button on it and then carve some linings. Unfortunately i didnt take any photos of the pouch making process ;p See the photo below for an earlier pouch sculpt. It was too small and I have to remake a bigger one but the shape is generally like the one below except the new pouch sculpt has a more nicer button and clearer linings.

Lastly, there is a kind of golden rope design that is suppose to hold the coat on the chest. I wanted to make it into a rope like design and this was really hard to do. I first roll up a very thin rope like putty piece and let it dry for half hour. I then try to shape it into a rope by twisting it around to form the rope. The putty kept merging together or it wont form the twists I had to try a few times before getting something resembling a rope. I then color these with super metallic yellow mixed with a smaller amount of clear orange. I didnt glue this on the chest until i have fully painted the chest piece first.


Now for the legs, I actually made a mistake here hahaha!! Somehow while doing the sculptings, I kept thinking shinkenger is a pirate and not a samurai T_T so I sculpted pirate legs for him pfftt.. The design wasn't off so I just use it anyway ;p

First, I put a stripe of putty along the front of the lower legs. I then use my blade to form criss cross design on them. See pic below. I then made a roll of putty and start shaping them into flaps. Once I shape the flaps I stick it on the lower leg to form fold out boot designs. Again see the pic below. I let them dry for an hour then i cut a square shape hold at the front of the hold out boot design. Now it looks like a pirate boots, hell -_-" Never mind, the design fits anyway zzz...

I also add some putty on his boots to make it more boot like instead of more feet like.


This is the most complicated part as you practically need to sculpt most of the sword out (exceptfor the sword's blade itself). I found myself a nice ninja sword to do this. I didnt know where it came from coz i bought it loose in a flea market for less than S$3.

I took off the sword's hilt and only used the blade. I then use a stripe of plastic as a foundation for the hilt. I put putty on both sides of the plastic sheet and then sculpt it into Shinkenger's blade hilt design. Just bear in mind to use a longer stripe of plastic sheet so that there is some space for you to hold it while you are sculpting the details on the hilt. Once the putty hardened you can then cut off that extra plastic end. I also allow a small hole on the other end of the hilt to allow me to glue the blade in later when I am done with the sculptings.

Now for the upper part of the hilt, I first cut up a octagonal shaped plastic sheet to form the foundation for the octagon shape on the sword. Cut a small slot in the middle of the plastic sheet just to allow the blade to slit through. You will need to sand a bit of the lower part of the blade where you will cover it with putty later to allow the putty to hold easier (see details below). Sand all the cut up plastic surface as well.
Now put a layer of putty over the plastic sheet to form a octagonal pyramid shape, see pic below. Cut out a long stripe shaped plastic sheet with a slit inthe middle to form another foundation for further designs on the hilt. You now need to form the fin like design on the sword hilt. Cut a similar fin shaped plastic sheet (see pic below) out as a foundation for putty layering.
Now there is actually 2 options on how to form the shapes. I can use putty to form another layer and make designs on it or use another layer of plastic sheet and cut details into them. I tried both and the result is, using plastic sheets and carving lines into the is cleaner and the lines straigher. Here's how the shape using putty with carved lines looks like before sanding:
Now here is the side with plastic sheets and carved lines:
Please do NOT glue the fin shaped part onto the main sword body UNTIL you have fully sculpted it otherwise its very hard to make those line carvings. You can also see from photo above that I have added sculptings along the blade portion. I put on the putty on the blade and waited one hour for the putty to dry somewhat before cutting those lines on the putty.

Now glue everything together and you get shinkenger's sword. But wait, we're still missing that badge thingie that you fix on his blade. I didnt like the gigantic badge attached to shinkenger's blade design so i micronised my version. First I cut up a small rectangle plastic piece as a foundation. I then slap a layer of putty over it and waited for it to dry about an hour or so. Then I cut the shinkenger logo shape from the putty. I then paint it black and gold. As to how i attached this piece onto the sword, I use a layer of putty to make a squarish slot to fit the badge on the fin shape on the blade. I used nail polish on the slot to give it more friction and allow the slot to suck to the fin tighter.
Sand the putties on the entire sculpt of the sword and then paint it in the shinkenger color scheme. voila Shinkenger Blade (or something, not sure whats its actual name ;p).

FINALLY!!! the sculpt itself are finished. All thats left is to paint it. The chest, lower leg portions, the upper arms and the head I used a layer of super metallic silver as a base. After that dries, I color a metallic red over them. Finally after that dries, i paint a clear red coat over it. This really brings out the shine of the red colors.

For the lower hand portion and the visor/kanji on the head, I paint a couple of white coats over them. The rest are all matt black.

Well thats about it. This custom took a while as there were quite a lot of design and planning that I didnt anticipate which took some time and then a lot of various part to custom too. The result looked simple but the process was actually a bit tedious.
Hope I didnt leave any details out ;p Here's the photos of the completed customs. Enjoy ;D

Closing notes:
1) I could have sculpted the helmet better. He now looks like he's got a giant bulldog moustache on him T_T

2) I didnt sculpt a sword holder for him on his belt ;p moving onnnnn... hehehe..

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