Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tajadol why you so expensive?? AAAHH!!! Wat do you mean Bandai is coming out with something very similar called Tajadol Ankh!?!

Yup this was announced a couple of days ago. Bandai is now coming out with a Tajadol with wings and a few changed assorted armors. This is the final version for Tajadol Ankh. It is a LIMITED version zzz...

Its Bandai's way of trying to milk more money now that Tajadol price is way over the ceiling. This will have a couple of impacts (1) Tajadol prices may drop (yaay for those who has not bought it yet) and (2) the Tajadol Ankh will probably be a limited release and its price will go sky higggghhhhhhhhh

Time to buy me another normal release Tajadol it seems XD

check the photo below to see where are the altered armors for this version (those parts I circled in yellow linings):


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