Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Mystery of Kabuto and his legless Perfect Zecter O:

A friend of mine asked how to make his perfect zecter without using kabuto's body as a leg holder. So here's a very simple tutorial on that. All you need is the perfect zecter of course, a handdrill and the legs from a vinyl rider. Any vinyl rider will do. I have a spare zabee vinyl legs (the rest of his body used in my SIC zabee) so i use that.

Now make sure you have the zecter legs line up in the right order. They are actually numbered (something i didnt notice until i finished my custom [platform for the legs -_-").  So get them in the right number order first. Now you gotta measure exactly where you need to drill holes in the vinyl legs to slot in the zecter legs. When you measure make sure they are aligned in away to fit on the zecter properly too.

Now drill holes at the right place on the vinyl legs. If you want to get it more exact, you can actually paint the snub of the zecter legs white, push it against the vinyl legs where you want the zecter legs to be so that a small white dot will be imprinted on the vinyl legs where you need to drill.

Now drill at the correct area then. Dont drill a big hole on it. Drill a smaller hole than the snub on the zecter legs. This is because the vinyl legs are elastic, it is better you have a smaller hole so that the snub of the zecter leg when pushed into the hole will stay better without it dropping off. So you will get something like the photo below:

fit the vinyl legs with the zecter legs on it below the Perfect Zecter:

You now have a complete Perfect Zecter :D

If you dont have a vinyl leg, its actually still ok. There is another way, cheaper some more behehhe. Use a couple of plastic sheet drill holes in it, glue the plastic sheet on the perfect zecter and connect the zecter legs on those holes on the plastic sheet, voila still a complete zecter ;D see photo below:

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