Tuesday, 21 May 2013

S.I.C Kabuto fever's gonna come soon ;D
Coming soon in Sept 2013, S.I.C Punch Hopper and Kick Hopper! :D

The TWO big question will be:
1) Will these guys be LIMITED release?? If they are, BanDie u suck!! ;p
2) Will these guys be released in a 2 figure set or 1 figure set with 2 armors? For most people, they will prefer the 2 figure set but for me I'll prefer the 1 figure 2 armor set coz I have extra kabuto type bodies i can use to fit them in hehehehe

If its Limited with only 1 figure body and 2 armor would still be palatable for me as there are spare bodies. You can actually find spare dark kabuto or gattack body for sale which would be cheaper if punch kick hopper is limited ;)

Personally, the best scenario would be a normal release with 1 body 2 armor. The yen although has dropped a bit recently, BanDie has been fixing their new SIC prices higher than they used to be so getting a 1 body 2 armor and buying a loose spare gattack/dark kabuto to house the extra armor would be the most ideal case ... money wise. :)

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