Friday, 17 May 2013

SIC Kiwami Storm and Flame forms - cheaper by making it yourself ;D

All right, so here's this nice kiwami limited exclusive agito flame and storm forms in a box. It doesnt come cheap for 2 small miniscule figures but it does come with those nifty effect parts. Well, I have yet to make those effect parts but for those who has been reading my previous posts will realise they can be very easily duplicated with transparent putty and oyumaru resin :). What I am gonna write today is a very simple custom of the 2 limited forms using an agito ground form and an agito trinity form. The custom will take at most half an hour of your time and the best thing is it does not require one bit of custom skills :D
So here it goes, a very simple and fast custom anyone can make :)

First of all get a kiwami agito ground form pack and a agito trinity form pack like the ones below:

Step 1 : Heat the agito ground form up using a hairdryer for say 15 seconds. Pull out his left arm and shoulder pad. I went and pull out his right arm and head too which is really unnecessary and i have to plug them back again.

Step 2: Heat the agito trinity form up again with hairdryer for 15 seconds. :Pull out his left arm and shoulder pad too.

Step 3: Now switch those left arms and shoulder pads between agito ground form and agito trinity form. Voila, you have storm form and flame storm XD but its not complete yet since their chests are still gold in color and not blue and red.

Step 4: Sand the chests, the shoulder pads and the upper arms area where you will repaint them.

Step 5: Paint a thin layer of metallic silver on those areas you want to repaint first. This layer will bring out the red and blue color of your subsequent layers.

Step 6: Once the silver layer has dried, paint another layer on them into their respective blue and red colors on the shoulder pads, the upper arms and the chest. You may want to paint 2 layers of these to get the colors in better. Always make sure to let each layer dry properly before adding the next in.

Step 7: Do some black linings on his chest abs and on those thin line sculpts.

Step 8: Use paint remover on the transparent globe on their belt and remove the original yellow color as much as you can. Use transparent blue and red paint and color them.

And there you have it Agito Flame form and Agito Storm form :D Damn simple! You have now saved around RM50 or SGD20. Next when I ever look into it, how to create the effect parts too ;p


  1. hello bro, great tips you got here, i'm very grateful on the tip, may i know what paint you used to create these awesome dudes? i tried poster paint but it frustates the hell outta be, since it cannot be top-coated (the paint dissolves instantly then top coated)

    thanks in advance!

    1. hi dude! I always uses Mr Color paints that i buy from hobbyshops. Here's how they look like:,r:6,s:0,i:98&tx=184&ty=88

      These paint are thinner based. Don't use water based paint like poster color or acrylic paint etc, they don't last long. Anyway poster paint are for painting pictures not 3rd photos. Acrylic can be used to paint figures but they will dissappear over time as it doesnt stick well.

      Before you paint anything, always try tosand the surface to make the surface a little rougher for the paint to stick on. Next, always try to put a primer coat as a 1st coat. You can find primer spray cans in any hobby shops. Sometimes I dont use primer coat but a metallic silver coat instead (such as the one I used for the kiwamis) which brings out the next few layers of paint and make them more shiny.

      After the primer coating, you should do at least a couple of the actual colors coats. Each layer should not be too thick with paint but mixed with paint and thinner at around 60% and 40% ratio respectively. Make sure each layer dries properly before adding the next to avoid the paint to become very sticky upon finishing the coatings. This way you will get a very nice smooth final paint coat at the end of the day :)

      Hope this helps :D

  2. i guess it's not impossible to create agito shining after seeing this repaint flame & storm :)) ...

    1. oh definitely possible. Havea look at a blogspot a fren of mine created, he never does SIC custom but he do Kiwami customs. See his kiwami black rx he created! Incredible!! He has other kiwami customs too if you mug around his blog you'll find them:!/2013/01/this-is-gorgoms-fault.html