Saturday, 11 May 2013

When protege finally meets his master.. W SkullJoker is birthed! ;D

I have a couple of spare W bodies (including extreme armors which I used up quickly with fake skeleton bodies and made CAX, CJX Gold and a JJX Gold which finally sated my W extreme customs fetish [you can see my past post tutorial on how to make fake W skeletons with the parts provided in the W CJ set] ;p)

I wanted to do something different and not just another repaint. I tried some combinations which quite failed.
And finally i hit on SkullJoker ;D Not only is he special, this combination might just make sense if W finally meet Skull again. The other good thing about customising non canon characters is that you will not regret making it and suddenly SIC comes out with one of their own ;p

Problem is i dont have a spare Skull armor (if anyone has that you can skip the next few steps). So I have to sculpt my own.

This is the base figure I used.

The first thing i did was cut away the original left armor to the bone (pardon the pun) and then carve groove on the left side of the chest armor to create grooves for the ribcage sculpt.
Then I add in the ribcage sculpt. I used Skull's head, cut off half his outer head piece and replace it with heat's half head. Drilled some holes to fit in Skull's scarf. Voila sculpt's done.

Then its about repainting it. I replaced Skull's white black pattern with silver and black (I didnt repaint his fedora though). I repaint the lunaheat portion with black and silver paint and retain light purple for his shoulder pad and arm rings. Repainted 2 trigger guns to black, white and red with some gold weathering added on. TheJoker's part of the head should have been red color but I couldnt do that. The original owner has cut up some of the eyes to remove the original colors. Repainting over it will show the jagged cuts. And so here he is, a simple custom: Kamen Rider W SkullJoker

My thumb needs to heal T_T cant do custom for a while so most likely its gonna be tutorials and stuff about my past customs instead ;p


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