Monday, 6 May 2013

The mystery of Zero and his fkin heavy swordss!!!

Any owners of Garo's Zero Equip & Prop will tell you, he cant carry his swords for nuts. The swords are full diecasts, that is darn good but it also mean its darn heavy. Also Zero's holding swords hands are too wide!! They can hold an elephant but not his sword!

So a friend of mine, John Eli came up with a radical idea one day.

What he did was quite simple but nobody who value their figures would have thought of it. John do value his figures very much thank you but he's also a risk taking good guy! So here's what he did.

He first heat the fingers up for some time, when they became jelly like, he forced them on the grip of the Ginrokens (those are Zero's swords, yea I didnt know their names too, dun be sad), lock them with hard Plasticine for the whole day, and it worked. After a day, he then coated the stock ball joint with enough super glue so that when he attached it on the arm, it can withstand the weight of the swords.

He also add a bit coating of super glue on the fingers when they have gotten hard so that they won't suddenly returned to their original loose form.

John don't really recommend this method as if anything went wrong, he might get killed but its ok, he will survive! ;D

And here are some photos of an actual Zero holding his swords doing poses without bluetags courtesy of John Eli ;D

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