Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ahhh... I have been collecting SICs and Garo for years now and accumulated quite a number of them. My very first SIC was Zolda and Taiga which I bought when I was in Malaysia. I loved it and kept it very save in my cupboards (I did open it and played with it, I dont keep my stuff MISB ;p). It was only years later when I moved to Singapore did my SIC collection expanded enourmously due to easy availability, good prices and my higher pay of course.

I have by then got quite well versed with SIC prices and knowledge of the wonders of SICs prices that can be found in other countries, namely Hong Kong and Japan. For a very very good guide (which I relied on when I was in HK a year ago) on toy shopping would be here:

That article was written in 2007 but I was in HK in 2012 and the descriptions of the toy shops and the directions still holds true in Mongkok at least. I didnt have time to check out the other areas though. For SICs, the 2 best place to look for them would be Richmond Plaza, In's Point and CTMA, all within walking distance. Do check out the link above. Its very comprehensive :)

While running through my hard drives to clean them up a few days ago, I also realised i have quite a number of photos of them. So, while I am working on something interesting (and risky ;p), I'll like to share some of my old photos of SICs and Garo with you.

EDIT: Very risky!! D: or rather i was being careless. I was cutting a thin layer of rubber when my blade suddenly cut right through the rubber, right into my thumb, across the length of my thumb to the soft skins between my thumb and pointer!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strangely it wasn't painful o_o It bled quite well though for a while, I quickly washed it and put antiseptic and let the blood clot. Now I have 4 plasters on my thumb D: Doubt I can do any customs for a few days :((((

So in the meantime, enjoy the photos i posted here :)
My favourite ride for a 7inch figure. Gouten!!! Unfortunately he is as fragile as a China plate precaiously being placed along a wall shelf. There are ways to fix his fragile easily broken legs though. I might cover that in another article if anyone's interested. :)
Wingman! A quirky movie realization piece thats actually very poseable and nicely designed. I do wish i can look for more of him cheaply and repaint him for his red and yellow fellas too.

The Den O team! One of the best body base of SICs; resilient, tough, with limbs that is not only tough but not easy to become loose as well. Pity his legs are already designed mechanically and you will have to cut a lot to make it usable to custom biological designs. Otherwise, these guys are one of the best.
A collection of stuff i used to display them before my detolf was overtaken with my custom figures. I bought the side machine for a price people would be dreaming of right now. When I bought it, I didnt realise this bike will become an incredibly rare and sought after piece ;p I dont think the seller knew either but whatever.

The imagineS!! You will HAVE to ubuy them coz they come in the same sets as the Den O Forms. Altho they are not riders, they are actually very well designed as well!

Various 3.75 inche figures I display them together. Somehow they coherently jived as a group includin ghe Monev the Gale which is suppose to be a 7inche figure. I only buy 7 inhce and 3.75 inche figures. Not the new play arts kai tall figures.

One of my best finds. Batman and Batpod movie realization. Incredibly nice set. The bike altho looked flimsy due to its design are anything but.

Blade!! Blade King form is one of the favourites amongst SIC collectors and now getting rarer by the day. I somehow managed to get 3 of him at reasonable prices, one I retain as original, 2nd I already cut up in preparation for a custom and a 3rd which I am not sure what Im going to do with it.

Just another photo of Gouten with Garo's wings on her. Real nice  i tell you. Those wings can also be used on Garo Berserk form but it may be slightly too small and Bersserk Garo may look like a flightless chicken o_o A much frightening one that is.

Side Basshar!! This is not a SIC version, there never is one... yet.. except if you count the custom SPC version which can't transform.  This is the Super RHS Side Basshar. Fits very well with SIC figures.

I used to display my SIC figures (not all of them though sinc ethey wont fit) in this manner. I was quite happy about the settings for a while since I get most of them in one place successfuly. Until I realise I really cant see 90% of them being hidden or blocked by others. And they start to gather dust T_T so i cleaned them up and store them back in boxes :( I also took the opportunity to put a very thin layer of nail polish over exposed diecast parts to avoid oxidisation.

My set of rider and garo rides. Since then I have also collected SPC cyclone, the vol 46 cyclone, battle hopper and my own version of customed gyroattacker.

Garo Berserk!!!! THE most powerful and very heavily detailed figures EVER for 7inche level!!!!

Gaoh!! In the wire jungle. Nuff said.

Another nice photo of Garo Berserk taken by my sister who has way better camera than i do ;p

few yrs ago when my wife has our firstborn and left back for Malaysia for her maternity rest I was quite free in the weekends when I wasnt going back to Malaysia. So taking the advantage of the house being empty of people, I took out most of my SICs for group shots :D

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