Sunday, 5 May 2013

Painting stuff

I was puttering around my local hobby store 2 weeks ago and saw this nice set of rig that has a platform that has protruding sticks with clippers at the end of them to hold stuff for airbrushing or let paint dry. Pretty neat i always wanted to something to hold my stuff while they dry coz if i leave them drying on the chopping board, there was bound to have some parts where the paint sticks to my chopping board. The price came up to SGD20 and I was like shit thats not cheap :/ The rig was made of metal tho. Watever.

So this weekend we were visiting Daiso and I bought some stuff to make my own painting rig:
1) A wooden plank
2) a set of 14 pcs of spring clips
3) Some wooden sticks
Total costs SGD6.

I drilled holes at the edge of the wooden planks and cut up the wooden sticks. Stick some spring clips at one end of the cut wooden sticks. Stuff the wooden sticks on the drilled holes on the wooden plank. Voila my own paint drying rig :D

Save money guys!!!! ;p

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