Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Yuukis that took half a year in the making.

When Yuuki limited SIC came out I was really impressed with its esthetics and threatening look especially Skull's form but when i realised Bandai is pulling their old tricks again by giving one body with parts to make two forms, I got annoyed and decided it isnt worth buying it. Anyway i hardly buy any limited edition figures that looks like rehash from another figure e.g. Yuuki, G3 mild etc. Why buy them when you can make em? ;D

So with that last statement in mind and the fact that i knew completionists will buy 2 box of yuukis to complete both forms, I bought a spare Gaoh set (back in those days when Gaoh Kintaros set was still moderately cheap and not rare), sold off Kintaros to another customiser and held on to Gaoh.

I held on to Gaoh for 4 months ;p Until finally I managed to buy a spare Yuuki parts from a collector. I got Yuuki's box, alternates of its heads, shoulder pads and scarfs. I also get Hijack's robotic arm and Skull's normal left arm. The deal comes with full weapons set. Got it for RM150 (SGD60 depending on exchange rates).

I held on to all that for another 2 months until i found the means to make a spare Yuuki's chest plate out of Gaoh's: Tettra Oyumaru Resin!! (Oyumaru Resin for short). You can buy them from this shop over here:
Yup these kuih lapis look alike stuff was the final piece of the puzzle! You dont need to go through the long and smelly process of making a mold to duplicate gaoh's chest piece to make a spare for yuuki's both modes anymore!! Pls click on the above website and look at the tutorial on how to use this resin stuff.

So once i got hold of these stuff, I immediately went home and make a duplicate Gaoh chest. Aaaannnd failed ;p Apparently these resin duplicating stuff takes practice ;p The depulicate came out with details that got bent or no details at all. When I have more time i will explain a lot more how to use them in the best way possible to capture all the details you need to make duplicates. Also you gotta bear in mind oyumaru resin duplicates are definitely not as good as actual mold duplicates. This is just a easy way to make duplicates.

Anyway, my second attempt was a lot better and here it is:

As you can see some of the details are lacking. I resculpted those and repair some and here is the final product (I still needed to cut off all those edges etc):

And there ends the interesting part ;p the rest was plain old repainting the stuff:
The repainting took the most time but the result was great. The skirts for the yuukis I got it from Deneb's (the remaining Deneb's skirt was used in Zanki Warring State) and from leather sheets i bought from a friend :)

Finally, here it is Customed Yuuki Hijack and Skull forms

A note: The other modification i had to make was of course cutting off Gaoh's horns on his chest front and back and adding railway lines on his skirts. Where Gaoh's original horns were at his chest i replaced it with copper wires to make those red lines. Unfortunately my thumbs were gigantic and i could only arrange 3 red lines for each sides instead of the 4 red lines in the original yuukis.

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