Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Repairing Equip & Prop Garo Berserk!!!

Coz I like challenges (when I dont need them), I bought a broken up Equip & Prop Garo Berserk to xsee if I can fix it or not. The original owner claimed he displayed it and when he move it, it came apart in his hands. The Equip & Prop line is plaqued by broken limbs especially the Garo Gouten set. I did not expect the Berserk set to be this bad but then gravity has always been a b***h with gigantic figures with short stubby legs.
So this is how it looks like before the repair:

After much consideration I realised I can't make it poseable after the repair due to the fact that I can't find giant joints to replace those which were broken and smaller joints won't work due to the weight they need to support. This guy is really realyl gigantic for a toy.

So with much reluctance, I have to repair it with a fixed pose in mind. I used strong wire skeleton frames and then shore the joint up with super glue and epoxy putty.

I then repainted the putty into its supposed colors of green veins and matt black skin.

The result? Luckily the broken joints didn't really hinder much of its poseability as you can see from the following gallery. It makes a very fine display piece but I seriously don't have space for it ;p

Gonna sell it off now lol

The other way of making him stand without its tail is to use any kind of object that allow Berserk's knees to rest on it to make him stand, see photo below:

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