Monday, 29 September 2014

Photo album custom Kiwami Tamashii Zeronos Vega form

Enjoy the photos below :) Just so you know, the figure is only 4 inche tall :)
Painting this guy was easy. Just take note that before painting the metalic green and gold parts, a metallic silver layer should be added on first to add to the shiny-ness of the metallic green and gold.
I have also added a bit of gunmetal iron on  certain parts of the black scheme (mostly on his lower legs) to make some of the details more distinct instead of a deep black. Then I did linings all over the body to add to the realism. Liners are also good to make shadings if you know how to do it right. Just make a blotch over the part you wanted shaded and use your finger to wipe off the parts you wanted to be non shaded ;)
 In making this custom I have to sacrifice a den o sword body and a MRS vega plus a spare regular SIG unevolved sword. Total cost before workmanship time costs should come up to S$40.

Still im glad I made this guy, love zeronos vega form designs since long ago :)

If you check out the photo below you will notice his chest piece are actually riddled with lining details that are hard to see due to the black color scheme.

Here you can see the details I added onto the capes and the sculpted shoulder pads.

This photo you will see how detailed the back of the head are thanks to the MRS duplicated details.
 So far I have only made 3 den o kiwami customs, the wing version, the nega den o version and the zeronos vega form version. I would like to make more but Im all out of spare den o bodies ;p If I have more (and the time for it) I would love to make another den o form, gaoh came to mind which is gonna be really difficult lol

Stripping off all his stuff you will find his basic form a little wierd with those funny shoulders. He has enough accesories worthy of an SIC figure ;)


 A comparison of the original den o sword form and the customised result of the zeronos vega form :)

Well thats it for now ;) see you guys next time!

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