Saturday, 6 September 2014

Custom SHF Kamen Rider OOO Love form (commissioned piece sculpt only)

Hey all, its being some time! Lately a lot being happening in real life and my custom took a back seat. PLUS the problem is these days i rather do commissioned custom than my own to get some extra pocket money. So here is another SHF commission again ;p (after this is a repaint commission and its back to SHF again -_-" when can i do a proper SIC commission?!?!)
Again i wont need to write down any tutorials. Any techniques I used here is already mentioned in my previous tutorials already. So just enjoy the photos.
For this commission, I was asked to only perform the resculpt. Using a OOO SHF base figure, I resculpted the figure. I did not do the white wash and paint, it was done by the owner. Frankly speaking, I advise NOT to do the painting until you are pretty much done with the sculpt otherwise it will spoil the figure and the following paing application with a paint layer underneath and a putty on top and then another paint layer. I have to sand and cut down the paint in those area i need to lay down putty sculpt for this custom.
Also, this is very important: If you want to repaint joint areas, please do so with the utmost care. Too much paint layer on the joints will cause it to seize up and if you force it to move, it will break (especially in SICs not so much in SHFs).
At the time I did this custom, I was sick and can't really go anywhere, so I made love... lots of love hahaha Im referring to the photo below ;p

And here is the finished product (unpainted)

Kamen Rider Gay!
 Was very tempted to position his hand on his crotch instead of his belt ;p

"Teeheehee" moment

Kamen Beaaammm!! (beam shoots out of his chest like Care Bear stare)

Gay Kick!!!

Hello! Im Kamen Rider Gay!

I spelled the name of the client wrongly on the back T_T

The most challenging part for this custom were actually to make a lot of soft edges. Soft edges are not that hard to make but takes a lot of time as additional layers and a lot of sandings are required which takes a lot of time to dry in between the sculpting process. Other than that I'll say this custom would have been quite easy.

And here is the reference pic I used to make this custom:

Until next time cheerios!!


  1. OMG, didn't know such character exists. Very gay indeed. LOL!

    1. lol yea the customer wanted the figure to be a male too which makes my job easier but the figure wierder lol