Thursday, 2 October 2014

Custom S.I.C Zolda's Double Cannon!!!

hi guys,

Here's another simple custom: making a custom SIC Zolda Double Barrel Cannon!

Its actually pretty simple. The hardest part is to find 2 of those SIC cannons ;p And after you find those, you gotta look for this shortie that imitates a mechanical bull (see photo below). Its not an shf bull, its an older toy from the shs line i think. It is actually optional whether you wanted to include this into the custom double barrel cannon or not but it definitely look much nicer with the missile rack on it ;D

Right! the main question for this custom is: How do you stick that 2 giant cannon of Zolda's together? The solution is right in front of your eyes. At the top of the giant cannon you will find a small area where it protrudes outwards like a small mountain on the flat top surface yet leaving a small ravine between the "mountains". Use a few pieces of plastic sheets (see photo below) and glue them together using super glue. Then wedge them between the "mountains"and glue them in like so:

Now, using super glue and putty, adhere the missile rack onto the double cannon like so:

Did some simple sanding at the edges to make it appear worn:

Voila, SIC Zolda Double Barrel Cannon!! Simple!!

Reminds me of the ski board from Eureka 7 ;p
BUT thats not all! Look for a zoid bull model (get the old one which is waaayy cheaper) and you get a custom SIC Cannon Ox!!! welcome to the world of mix and mash baby ;p

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