Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tutorial Custom SIC Kuuga Rising Mighty Form

Just a quick tutorial. Sorry, I forgot to take photos in between paint layers coz I forgot but I'll list down the few simple steps here.

First thing is, look for reference photos to see how Kuuga Rising Mighty form should look like:

The hardest part was pinting the small symbol on his hands. I tried to use masking tapes to form the symbol but it didn't work, so its good ol hand painted symbol then.

Right here are the few simple steps:
1) Use a Kuuga vol 56 decade version
2) Sand the parts that needs to be repainted a little.
3) Paint a primer metallic super silver first. 2 layers if the metallic silver layer does not cover the red below (not easy to cover red paints ;p)
4) Paint a layer of metallic gold. You will probably need 2 layer to make sure the gold layer is evident.
5) Do black linings on the details along the gold parts. The liner will probably put in too much ink, so get ready a tissue paper and wipe some of the excess black ink. Wiping them across the gold layer will also darken the gold layer making it to be in similar shade as the existing gold layers on the kuuga armor.
6) For the symbol on the hand, hand paint, no choice ;p anyone have a better idea to paint them do let me know
7) Spray a layer of matt top coat over the painted parts and you are done.

Well that's it really simple like :)

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