Sunday, 2 November 2014

Custom Weathered Jetslinger

Here's a short tutorial (more like a list of tips) in doing weathering. Point in case this time: a Jetslinger weathering custom.

First thing first, in order to allow a SIC figure to sit on this thing, you have to remove those plastic connectors on his seat. USe a handsaw to cut them off like so:

Now your SIC Faiz can sit nicely on the bike.

Now then. there are a lot of ways to weather a bike and you can find all sorts of tutorials on the net teaching you how to do it. I'll share some of them in summary over here for you:

Weathering is all about showing stains, wear and tear, rust and erosions. To achieve this, you have to:
1) Dry brush opposing colors over the surfaces
2) Certain areas, you may consider sanding it to remove the colors to show erosion or wear. Sometimes you can paint two layers of colors on a surface and then sand the first layer off on certain areas to show wear. Add some rust brown paint over the areas where the two colors meet and you have rust
3) Dry brush over edges, lines, corners etc. This brings out the weathering effect
4) You want burnt effect on exhausts? Dip our brush over a heavily thinner-ed heavily paint filled matt black pool and then wipe over the edge of the exhaust leaving small pools of thinner filled matt black paint over the edges. These will dry off to look like the exhaust end has seen some heavy fiery discharges
5) Do linings over lines, edges etc. Panel liners can also be used to create shadows. Dip your tip on the panel liner ink pot heavily let the tip soak up some of those diluted paint and then splash them over corners to create shadows or wear.
6) Metallic silver are a nice color to use for weathering especially over black surfaces. Use this color to your advantage, you can even paint it over tyres and other areas that consist of different colors. Most of the time, you drybrush it voer the surface.

Well that's about all I can remember about the techniques I used to make this weathered Jetslinger. Hope it helps. Enjoy the photo gallery :)

The set of photos below will show you the difference between a weathered version and anoriginal version of the jetslinger :) I did this commission for a friend. One day I will make a SIC weathered version, complete with a lot more added details, weapons, vanes etc :)


  1. I'm expecting you engrave the (suppose to be) rubber part of the wheels with real car's tire thread pattern but that still an amazing work :)

    1. I actually have no idea how to engrave those rubber designs on the wheels hahaha!! and I did this custom on a tight budget for a customer so nothing fancy ;)