Sunday, 30 November 2014

My new kiwami shelf :D

Nope absolutely no time to make any customs lately due to workload. Its being really pressurizing at work yet exhilarating at the same time! So yea, no customs yet ;p
In the meantime, I cleared one of my detolf space and decided to just display some of my kiwami customs on it instead. Compared to regular SIC, kiwamis are way smaller and this creates a lot of space on the shelf which brings out the incredible details of each individual kiwamis. Now if only I can have more shelfs to display my normal SIC in this way instead of the clutter they are in now ;p
Hope you enjoy the pics :) see ya!

I still have a custom agito flame and storm form, a hibiki todoroki custom and a couple of other kiwami customs somewhere ;p can't find them to fit into the shelf but turned out that's a good thing. The empty spaces in between the kiwamis brings out their details even more.

Bought a couple of those small bikes which I thought fit the riders really well especially the Sons of Anarchy bike for Nega Den O.

You must be wondering how Den O Wing form stands without a stand propping him up what with his heavy full putty created wings. What you can't see are blue tags stuck behind his wings and attached to the detolf cabinet itself holing the figure up. He is practically in a semi floating position actually.

 I left Zeronos Vega Form and Fourze Fire state form on the front as I feel they are one of my better kiwami customs  todate. The Ultimate Kuuga was one too but I feel he fits better together with Dark Decade and Wing Form :)

Mine you, I didn't butcher a faiz accel form to make this. I replicated accel's form chest and replaced blaster form's chest with it. The best thing about this custom is that blaster's original chest can still be closed over the accel chest :)

My latest kiwami custom todate, Zeronos Vega Form stand as one of my better kiwami custom. However, if you would read the tutorial for making this guy you will realise he isn't all that hard to make so long you have a Motion Revive Series figure and some oyumaru resin handy ;) His giant sword is actually the mini sword accessory found in the regular SIC zeronos set attached to a few of the kiwami version of his belt buckle items.

Fourze Fire state form was THE most complicated kiwami custom I did todate. A lot of resculpts, a lot of replications, and some gamble on using new techniques to make his lower arms and legs. Turned out pretty ok I guess. Those spined hoses I salvaged from Mcfarlane robot figures placed all over his chests and shoulder really brings out the details in him.

Back then I was fuming that a Kiwami Nega Den O costs S$50! I thought that was really way expensive for a small figure! So one day I managed to find a loose Den O figure and made this guy. Need incredibly steady hands and a very small brush for all those tribal tattoos of his. Maybe I should add a couple of wings on him too to form Nega Den O Wing Form. Now THAT's an idea.

This agito custom really shines all thanks to his very detailed chest sculpt. It took about 5 layers of putty details to make those bulky muscles, cracks, veins and sinews. I re-sculpted his head and then recast it in clear putty so that his horns are all transparent and he can have those shiny yellow eyes.

One of my earliest kiwami customs, dark decade's simple but tedious repaint makes him stands out solely because he is Decade! And the Japanese culture of making any sculpts repainted into a dark/black format always works ;p

 Den O Wing Form; he is the heaviest of my kiwamis thanks to his metal skeleton putty wings. Again, if you read my tutorial for making him, you will realised he isn't very hard to make. Just very tedious and need some hit or miss experimentation to get his transparent eyes and that very detailed belt buckle right.
Ultimte kuuga. Believe it or not, the hardest part to making him wasn't the sculpt itself but the painting of the kuuga simple on his tiny tiny hands ;p

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