Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dan's gotta a new body now :D

I found the replacement body using Hibiki's body base to fit in Garo's armored form to be so successful i tried Dan next. Only when i dived into the process i realised using Hibiki's body for Dan's armored form is a lot more harder than i thought it would be ;p Not that it takes a lot of time or skills but it takes incredibly high PRECISION!! Go through the tutorial and you will know what i mean :)

1) First thing to do is to cut up hibiki's upper butt coz Dan's a slim guy so to fit in Dan's slim butt armor you need to cut em

2) Drill holes at either side of hibiki's crotch piece to allow Dan's waist side armor to fit in.

3) Drill holes on Dan's back. Make sure to align the holes properly so that Dan's armor fit in properly This is VERY important as Dan's armor is very small and fits in snugly on hibiki's body.Any misjudgement may result in Dan's armor to not fit into hibiki body well.

4) More drillings!! this time at hibiki's front chest to allow Dan's front chest armor to be inserted. Again be very precise on the holes so that the front armor fits in nicely and connects nicely with the back armor.

5) Cut hibiki's shoulder ball joint holes biggger to allow alternate ball joint into the socket. The alternate ball joint is the same i used for Garo's custom (see my earlier post) :)

6) Oops forgot to take picture of the hole i drilled on hibiki's neck! I basically cut off hibiki's neck ball joint and drilled a hole there to let Dan's neck go in. This is again very important as Dan's chest armor has a hole that fits snugly between Dan's thick neck. Finally, voila! Dan's armored form in hibiki's body base. Again, I would like to note that ANY hibiki type bodies will fit on Dan's armored form. You just need Hibiki's chest part and lower torso part thats all.

7) close ups

8) Incredibly flexibility@!!!!! The end ;p

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