Monday, 1 April 2013

How to fix up your broken Ryuki :D


Well for starters, I havent been writing anything on this blog since it was set up ;p  and still can't at the moment so I thought Ill just post a simple tutorial on how to fix ryuki's broken joint.

As SIC collectors will be familiar with this issue, Ryuki series bodies have incredbly fragile joints at the knees and elbows.

I bought a SIC Ryuki complete but both his elbow joints and his right knee joint are broken. Worse is the fact that the original seller glued both his elbow joints fixed in a position!!

Lets talk about the materials you need to fix the joints. You will need a nice blade (get it in any stationery shops), epoxy putty or what is known as bondite where i come from (from hardware shop), revoltech joints 8mm (get it from sites like amiami or hlj), a handdrill, paint (I use Mr Color red and black mix to get Ryuki's color), some toothpicks and a bottle of nail polish ;p

ok so here's how the ryuki looks like originally with the broken and glued joint:

Here are the steps to do the repairs:
1) Cut and pull out all the glued joints but becareful when you do that, you dont want to pull out the wrong parts and break them further. Do cuttings at the sides where you want the glued parts to part and then do some strong wiggling. More cuts to loosen them up, careful where you cut them. Luckily for mine, the seller didnt really glue them incredibly tight and i managed to pull them out without much further damage to the body parts.

2) Now for the knee joint, one of the top part of the outer hinge holding the metal rod (see pic above where you see the crack was) was broken and the seller oredi lost that broken part so i cant even just glue it back in :/ What I did was I use epoxy putty and fashion a half hinge with it. I then snuck it on to the joint and glue it in place. Remember to sand the parts you need to glue it in. See pic directly below for the result :)
3) Now you need to tackle the elbow joints. The original seller again left me with nothing to work with as the joints he threw away already. I use 8mm revoltech single joints for this case. Before I push them in, I use my drill to drill holes in his lower arm and upper arms. I use my blade to cut wedges into the lower and upper arm areas to fit the ball part of the revoltech joint into them more securedly as well as preventing his arm to appear too long. Afterwhich i fit in the revoltech joints and glue the revoltech joint to the upper arm part in place. Remember to glue the joint in a position whereby the joint can more back and forth and not sideways as a normal elbow should work.

4) Now you will notice from the pic above, the original seller also cut off some of the upper arm parts. This can be fixed again up epoxy putty. Use a small dole of epoxy putty and shape it on the broken.missing elbow parts using your toothpicks. Use the end part of your toothpick as it is flat and easy to pust the epoxy putty in place. You will eventually form the stuff into something displayed in the pic below
. See those white parts on his elbow? those are epoxy shaped as part of his elbow. Becareful where you stick the epoxy to prevent it from sticking to the parts of the joint you need it to move.

5) Once the epoxy putty has dried, mix your paint between red and black colors (I use matt Mr Color paint coz well i dont know what other paint to use ;p) into the tone similar to Ryuki's red. Color over all the white epoxy. Then use pure matt black to paint over the black color parts.

6) Let everything dry first. Now you are left with the problem of very loose joints at the knees and feet parts. Use nail polish and apply generous dose over the knee and feet joints. Let them dry.

Voila, you now have a perfectly working Ryuki :D Plus point is the revoltech joints on the elbow parts are definitely a lot stronger than ryuki's original fragile joint :) the alternative for the knee is to cut the entire original joints out and replace them with revoltech 10mm double joint but since mine wasnt that much broken, i choose to use putty instead.

Hope this is useful to all, any questions just ask away. You can use this same method to fix Blade joints as well. Thanks!

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