Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Your S.I.C Hibiki's elbow and knee broke?!?!?... why thats great! XD

For those who have seen my earlier posts will know that this breakage can be repaired. For those who have been collecting SICs will know Hibiki is one of those lines which is most prone to breakage in the knee or elbow joints. Im not sure why BanDIE dont use higher quality plastics for the joints especially when Hibiki has one of the most linear, simple and nicest sculpts there is. Not to mention one of the best body base to be used for customs!

I mean seriously just look at the stuff you can do with it!

And here's some of my customs using hibiki type body bases

Anyway im getting side tracked.

The point is if you have a broken hibiki type figure, don't get upset or go and glue the joints fixed and tight (dont ever do that!!!!). In fact you should rejoice coz there really is a lot of stuff you can do with it :D And here i will tell you one of em :D

How to use Hibiki Bodies to house Garo armors. The reason for doing this is so you can free up Kouga's body and display him in human form coz really he's one of the coolest human form hero in the japanese tokusatsu/kamen rider world, none of the other rangers or riders can fight like him in human form (on screen) and he's got that "im so cool and not interested in pretty girls at all" vibe going for him. He cant act in drama though but thats not what we're here for anyway.

ANYWAY, back to the topic: How to use hibiki type bodies to house Garo Armors

You can use any hibiki type bodies be it zanki, ibuki, dannki etc etc. See tutotial below.

(1) Take a hibiki figure and remove his arms and legs and belt and head. The only parts you need is his body, his lower torso, his neck as well as the front part of his chest armor. The front part of the chest armor act as extra padding so that Garo's armor wont flop around on the slim hibiki body base.

(2) Get ready a pair of double jointed insert from this series, You can find these joints for sale at

(3) stuff putty onto hibiki shoulder joint hole. Then stuff the double insert onto the putty. Use a toothpick to pus the putty nearer to the insert to make it tighter when it dries. Alternatively you can perform step (4) below first before pushing in the putty.

Wait, whats putty you asked? why its this stuff:

(4) Refit the front hibiki armor on and fit the garo armor over it. Then adjust the double joint insert to the angle that will fit the arm in well

(5) Let everything dry and color the double joint insert and the putty black. Insert back the arms on it and voile a new Garo without the need of Kouga's body!

It has greater flexibility on the arms and the abs compared to if you use kouga's body. And I think he is now a little taller and more hulkier too ;p

(7) his back :) nuff said
(8) Now you can display them both together :D

Until the next time!! Cheers!

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