Saturday, 13 April 2013

What If... Terry Bogard is Hibiki? XD (Hero Saga moment)

well there was a time when i was quite taken in with the Fatal Fury movie series due to its simpleness, cool central characters (whats more cool than a wandering penniless idiot who just want to hone his martial skills ;p *off screen Terry looks for food in the trash*). You can check it out here: Fatal Fury or here for the movie (only if u can understand Japanese or read French -_- i cant find an english ver of the movie >_>)
So with an abundant of Hibiki typed bodies i have, I went about to try my first crossover customs between kamen riders and king of fighters ;D

Here is Terry Bogard figure I used to base my custom on

The new things I have to experiment with was how to make hisburning knuckles effect since i love that move of his. No, i never plaed KoF but he always use that move in the movie >_>

As those who read my ealier post would know that oyumaru resin can be used to replicate effects so I plop it on to Flaming Garo's flame to make some fire molds:

Then I went about making fire sculpts using the mold

Looks nice enuf but dammit they're not translucent :(
Then i realised i used to make small transparent pieces using araldite (a form of transparent putties, see pic below).

I wasnt sure if it will work or not as araldite has this effect that is kinda sticky to the touch even upon drying. Anyway i tried it to see how it turns out. It turned out pretty not bad :D The stickyness apparently only appear on the parts that are exposed to air and not the part that sticks to the mold when it is drying, which is great as teh fire effect will be on the surface that sticks to the mold.

So here they are

They looked slightly yellow due to the araldite itself.

In the meantime while i was experimenting with araldites etc, I was remolding the Dannki body

The pigtail came from Ryutaros of Den o series. The rest are all pure hibki materials.

The translucent parts went through 3 layers of paint, 1 transparent orange, then 1 trasparent red and lastly solid yellow

And finally here is the finished product. Since he is a Terry and Hibiki crossover, i call him Kamen Rider Terryaki XD:

Pure diehard fans of kamen riders and KoF alike will hate me for this atrocity XD

Post production notes:

1) The translucent parts have one problem: Araldite produce air bubbles so it spoils the sculpt and looks funny with bubbles in it. The bubbles were produced when you mix the putty and the hardener together. This can be solved by replaing araldite with this

Due to the shape of the tube, it reduces bubble as it premix the 2 components before letting them out. Cool!!! I'll try it next time :D

2) I was attempting to make maziora color for his pants, sorta a mix of blue and purple but it came out like just blue T_T Ill need to experiment that more coz i believe it can be done :D If anyone knows how to produce maziora colors pls PLS do teach me!!

Well thats all o_o people are now asking me to make a kamen rider mix Mai Shiranui but that would be crazy ;p

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