Thursday, 11 April 2013

Zanki gets angry and goes to War!!

And with that tagline in mind plus after i counted the items i need to make my 2 yuukis, i realised the spare parts leftovers are very useful to make a Zanki Warring State version, a concept i had in mind for some time now together with a Ibuki Warring State custom. I usually try to make a rough sketch of the design before i go ahead with it and it looked like this:

More often than not the results comes out somewhat different ;p

What i have left from the Gaoh i used for Yuuki custom was his head, his shoulder pads and his sword piece. The general idea is to mash everything into a figure to make it look coherent and here was the initial idea:

Initial impression was it looks ok but the feeling he is holding on to a fishbone was very strong ;p Plus his body chest didnt change much. So there was again much fiddling and cutting and glue, finally finalised the weapon's concept like so:

I cut off some parts of the sword to make it shorter. I later added back some of the fins from the disposed portion to make it look more "whole". I was satisfied with the axe except that the axe piece itself looked a bit techno which doesnt suit Warring State era at all. But then, since when was there electric guitars in Japan's Warring State era anyway?!?! So, with some effort in convincing my brain that these things dont matter, I forged on to mess with the figure and it began to take shape like so:
The chest piece looks nicer now with a more barbaric look with an "x" shaped armor on it. I stuck in my spare deneb's skirt (the side of the skirts was used in yuuki customs) as well as replace his lower arms with Agito's shining arms. You can also see now where i put the left sided armored lower leg I mentioned in my earlier tutorial. His left upper leg was left too skinny so I went about to equipped it with armor putty :) added details on the shoulder pads as well. The rest I dont feel like messing with them as the figure is already quite details and beginning to look too cluttered.

Then began the tedious process of repainting the entire figure. But it was quite enjoyable as i painting green over green is easy and changing the color design from a mash of color into a coherent green gold was also nice to see how the whole color scheme emerges. I also changed his back with 2 studs sticking out to allow the sword or axe to connect to the back. The previous photo the sword was stuck to the back thanks to blue tag ;p
So the sword now looks like so:
I have also weathered the skirts to make it looks dirtier and grittier but the result came out not very satisfying as the rest of his body looks quite clean ;p I have some leftover chains from my spawn figure which was used to make Ouja Survive so i generously sprinkled them all over the figure. Finally when everything was dried, i added linings on him. Voila, another non canon kamen rider ;D

And here is the final product. Enjoy the photos :)

Here;s a comparison of the original zanki with the custom Warring State zanki :)

And with that i bid you a good weekend. Have a good rest ;)

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