Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My First Time ... Birth of a new hobby XD

Back then about almost a year ago I have no idea which kamen rider belonged to which series, I was just very fascinated with SICs and their designs. I didnt know how to use putties and didnt know what tools to use. I was so impressed with those great customs i saw on the net that I went and bought a spare ouja thinking naively I can make a Space Marine from Warhammer 40k. That quickly failed spectacularly ;p

I used playdoh to try to create 3D design of how the marine will finally look like but the playdoh kept souching off the body base ;p I finally gave up >_> That cannon right on top is now officially my first attempt at sculpting something which really cant make it XD Eventually that alternative zero shoulder armor was reused in my shocker rider custom.

After talking to a fellow SIC collector who does customs as well, I was taught that vinyl figures (I didnt even know what they were back then ;p) can be used to make custom SICs. So i went looking for vinyl figures and found a bunch being sold at Uncle Shop at China Square Central. Amongst them the one that caught my eyes was Kamen Rider Birth. I didnt even know then his name was Birth -_- I just liked him coz he looked more robotic than other riders ;p

So there I was with a messed up Ouja and a vinyl Birth and i thought its a good idea i have these stuff all the while thinking kamen rider birth came from the Ryuki series ;p

I didnt know where to start. However, the good thing about being an amatuer was that I didnt know what the hell i was doing and just forged ahead.  I didnt know that there is a specific way to cut the vinyl to safeguard parts I need and I didnt know I can prevent certain parts from being cut via slotting in techniques.

so I just went ahead and start cutting the vinly up -_-" Good thing it turned out ok. So i start cutting them up. I discard those parts that have no details which was mainly the black colored parts and retained those crucial ones, the silver parts and the chest armor and the head.

I tried to make things different, more detailed and more wild so I added larger shoulder pads for him and changed his knee armor pad design. The larger shoulder pads were made with Birth's vinyl pads on top with Alternative Zero's shoulder pads below glued tight together.

To insert Birth's chest armor into Ouja's body i thought ill need to trim ouja's chest up which i did and cut off a lot of the chest body base. Later on I realised it wasnt necessary -_- I took the vinyl Birth chest and blew it with my hairdryer. It became incredibly soft and stringy. That was good cozi need to slot it into Ouja's body which i did.

Now the guy;s beginning to take shape :D

Next was simply repainting everything into the right colors.

Now the fun part was the head. I didnt like Birth's visor so i changed it to have his mouth piece in front of the visor. This was a big mistake as the visor was suppose to be Birth's signature design T__T oh well, I have since try to research more before i do a custom ;p I still doesnt watch much kamen rider series though ;p

Now the other difficult part was how do i slot a vinyl Birth head on Ouja's neck? A fren taught me to use something that have a ball joint hole in it to connect Ouja's head to Birth's vinyl head. So thats what I did, i cut up alternative zero's lower arm and use it as a connector for Birth;s vinyl head to hang on ;p

On retrospect there are many ways to make connecting head/necks, I wasted an alternative lower armbut it was ok coz the alternative zero was later butchered for most of his parts and remained useless ;p

So there you have it, Kamen Rider Birth :D He;s suppose to be from OOO series but its ok ;p It still looks moderately good ;p

I didnt paint much on the vinyl parts coz someone told me vinyl parts cant be painted, the paint will just slouch off. I have since found out there is a way to resolve this. Enjoy the restof the pics :)

And thats the First custom i ever made back in May 2012 i think :D well, actually the very first one is that silver hakaider you see on the last pic but i dont really consider that a custom coz its just repaint and i added a plastic "S" on his chest :)

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