Friday, 5 April 2013

yoo. today's a small tinee wienee tutorial about making nice hibiki typed armored lower legssss. A very long winded name of a topic indeed but the tutorial's short.

Alrite! First off, to address the right question first: Why do i need a pair of armored legs and how come i have 2 spares anyway??

For the first part of the question: everyone needs more armored legs!! Yea serious! ;p
For the 2nd part of the question: well when you get to me like me who owns 6 spare zankis for customs/sales, you tend to have some extras ;p

Alrite onward to the tutorial!

Here are 2 left legged armored piece. You cant use both of them in 1 single figure, so you change one of them to be right legged :D

First, cut off those pieces that appears only on the left hand side of the piece.

Then cut some space on the right hand side of the piece

Stick those pieces you cut from the left hand side of the piece on the right side

Now add putty over the gaps and holes plus extend the feet to make it appear to be right foot and not left.

Repaint the whole thing. I dont have a single picture of itspainted ver but the next post i will show you how it looks like and where it goes :D

Voila, now you have a pair of nice looking right and left armored legs :D

Next: To really answer the first part of the question above :D

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